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About Attic Renew

Attic Renew is a complete system designed to fix problems and to be the solution. Most companies lack the expertise to solve the problem. Because most homeowners are not educated about mold removal, they become victims of con artists who show up with a garden sprayer filled with bleach water. 

Remediating mold does not fix the problem that caused the mold. The mold will return unless the problem is addressed. Each attic is unique and needs different solutions to fix the problems that caused the mold. To solve your problem we will do the following as needed:

  • Identify the source of the moisture and work to eliminate it

  • Fix the ventilation that allowed the moisture to build up in the attic

  • Replace rotted wood

  • Flash chimneys, pipes and skylights that need repair

  • Properly route bathroom and kitchen fans to the exterior

  • Remove wet insulation 

  • Re-insulate

  • Attic seal

  • Use a 3 step chemical remediation process to:

    1. Clean and kill the mold

    2. Disinfect the attic to kill microorganisms

    3. Mist a botanical deodorizer to control smells and leave your home fresh

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Mold remediation utilizes harsh and caustic chemicals. It is important that these chemical odors are controlled so your home remains as pleasant as possible. To accomplish this we cut an access hole in your roof called a roof port. 

The roof port is used to force attic air from the attic out through the roof during the remediation process. This is accomplished with a commercial exhaust fan placed in the attic. The high volume fan pushes air out through a hose in the roof port removing harmful chemical odors. Without this exhaust system, the chemical odors would be extremely strong in your home. 

Many homeowners who have had attic mold remediation talk about collateral damage caused by bringing these harsh chemicals through the house. The Attic Renew system utilizes the roof port to bring spray hoses into the attic so you do not have bleached out areas on furniture and carpet, chemical burns and dirt in your home.  


When the job is complete the roof port is sealed
and a vent cover is installed to conceal it.

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Our Company

Attic renew was born out of necessity by Frank Farmer and Dan Lane. Frank and Dan began inspecting attics for homeowners in 1999 to make sure the roof boards were solid enough to install a permanent metal roof. After completing over 30,000 attic inspections in a 20 year period, they have witnessed an alarming increase in the number of homes with mold in the attic. In many cases the levels of mold were so high the homeowners were informed they should not be living in the home.


Homeowners were faced with the costs of mold remediation. Because of the homeowner’s lack of knowledge, they fell prey to fear mongering remediators who overcharged and never fixed the problem of ventilation. In many cases homeowners were charged tens of thousands of dollars to have someone spray household bleach from a garden sprayer.

Attic Renews philosophy is for you to not spend any more than is necessary but enough to do the job right. 

Most attic molds are not a problem if handled quickly. If the reason for increased moisture is not addressed, by properly fixing the attic ventilation, the moisture levels will climb inviting the more serious molds.  Once these molds grow unchecked the costs to remediate soar.


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How Can We Help?

Minimum attic access opening size is 22 inches by 22 inches. Minimum 4/12 roof pitch for adequate space to access the mold and use equipment.


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