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Attic Mold Remediation in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Have you discovered mold growing in your attic and already begun to feel the negative effects associated with mold spore inhalation? Luckily, the attic mold remediation experts of Kalamazoo, Michigan, are ready to help address mold and the underlying conditions that gave rise to its growth.

While mold doesn’t seem to affect everyone negatively, inhaling mold spores day in and day out is a definite cause for concern. Attic mold can have a massive impact on the allergy-prone or on individuals who have asthma. In general, these people will experience greater allergy sensitivity and an increase in asthmatic symptoms when mold is present. What’s worse, mold inhalation can actually cause an increased sensitivity to airborne allergens and even asthma within individuals who were previously healthy. If there’s any cause for concern, we are ready and willing to help remedy the problem with our unique attic mold remediation process and ensure that the mold doesn’t become a recurring issue.

Our Attic Mold Remediation Process

  • The first step is to thoroughly check your attic to identify any mold sources.

  • We then remove any affected sections of your attic’s insulation.

  • Then, we begin our rapidly-acting mold remediation treatment.

  • Finally, we replace any insulation that needed to be removed.

We work to identify and eliminate any sources of moisture that may be entering your attic to discourage subsequent mold growth. Without addressing the sources of moisture entering the attic, it will be only a matter of time before attic mold returns in full force. If you know you have sources of moisture present in your home attic or have already identified mold in your attic, contact your local Kalamazoo-area attic mold remediation specialists at Attic Renew today.

How Can We Help?

Minimum attic access opening size is 22 inches by 22 inches. Minimum 4/12 roof pitch for adequate space to access the mold and use equipment.


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