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Attic Renew Process to Protect Your Home

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Attic Renew Mold Remediation involves the application of caustic chemicals needed to eradicate the mold in your attic.  That’s why the Attic Renew process was carefully designed to avoid interior exposure to our cleaning chemicals and their odors - so your home environment remains totally unaffected! 

Instead of bringing the cleaning chemicals through the interior of your home, we cut a small access hole in your roof called a ‘roof-port’. The roof-port allows us to bring spray hoses into the attic from the outside, thereby completely avoiding chemical damage to furniture and carpeting in your home.  

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The roof-port is also used to exhaust attic air during the remediation process with a commercial exhaust fan placed in the attic. The high volume fan pushes air out through a hose in the roof-port removing harmful chemical odors. This exhaust system prevents chemical odors from reaching your living space during the remediation process.

When the job is complete the roof port is sealed and a vent cover is installed to conceal it.

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How Can We Help?

Minimum attic access opening size is 22 inches by 22 inches. Minimum 4/12 roof pitch for adequate space to access the mold and use equipment.


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