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Attic Insulation Removal Service

If there is a musty scent emanating from your attic, it is possible that mold is growing on your attic’s insulation. If your attic or roof has a leak, this could be the prime reason for mold spores propagating in your home. Though we can patch the leaks and tend to the roof, this may only be part of the required tasks to stave off the spread of mold spores in your attic. You may also need to take advantage of professional attic insulation removal service if there is mold growing on the insulation or under it.

The removal of moldy insulation must be handled very carefully to mitigate the spread of mold spores throughout the rest of your home. Properly disposing of it is also very important. Due to the difficulty of this task, doing it yourself could pose challenges—many would recommend a professional attic insulation removal service to handle it for you.

Removing Wet or Moldy Insulation

Your attic's insulation needs to be removed if the following exists:

  • It is soaked and will not be able to dry

  • It is full of mold

  • Lifting the insulation up you find the area it is sitting on is molded and cannot be cleaned with the insulation in place

Removal of wet insulation is very time-consuming.

If the insulation is blown - it will need to be sucked out with a commercial vacuum. This generally will be a very large vacuum with a 6-inch diameter hose. The vacuum will suck the insulation out of the attic and blow it into giant vacuum bags or directly into a disposal unit such as a dumpster. The insulation cannot be reused.

If the insulation is battens - it will be bagged up into commercial contractor bags while in the attic. The bags will be disposed of in a dumpster.

If you need residential attic insulation removal in the Michigan area, contact us today for help!

Types of Insulation
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How Can We Help?

Minimum attic access opening size is 22 inches by 22 inches. Minimum 4/12 roof pitch for adequate space to access the mold and use equipment.


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