Does PLAY Kids have a dress code or policy?

Express yourself! Colors, patterns - bring it on! Kids are NEVER too young to start styling! PLAY welcomes all tiny fashionistas. As long as a child wears weather appropriate clothing they can freely move it, is clean, any language and images that are positive and age appropriate, and fabrics not so fine to require extra care or cautiousness - we’re good to go and get PLAYful. The open PLAY space is a shoe free/sock mandatory zone. There are secure cubbies for footwear and socks for purchase as needed. (Summertime sandals? Just pack an extra pair of socks for the day - your toes will thank us!)

Does PLAY provide snacks or can I pack one for my child?

100% Let’s chow down! Parents choice Brown bag family treats are super - PLAY offers refrigeration, as well as reheating options. Don’t let those leftovers go to waste! Busy morning? No time to pack? No worries! PLAY Kids presents two fun and health snack time selections:

  1. Simple snack sampler: 1 drink (punch, water or juice); a yummy fruit; bag-of-child’s-choice munchie (chips or goldfish) for $3.50 per child and snack per day
  2. Organic a la Carte: 1 drink (punch, water or juice); a yummy fruit, veggies and hummus, plus the choice of either goldfish, veggie pita chips, granola bar, or pretzels for $5.00 per child and snack per day
Payments for PLAY cafe snacks packages are available for purchase at time of registration. No crumbs all PLAY: Food consumption is to be kept to the snack area. Open PLAY space is food free.

What ages is PLAY best for?

The open/drop in PLAY space is open to children of all ages - up to age 8. Babies under 6 months with their older siblings are free. PLAY Kids after school program is for those between the ages of 4 - 8. The majority of toys and recreational features of PLAY are suitable for older toddlers, but aimed to stimulate the diverse PLAY desires of older kids too often neglected by other baby-fied or preteen arcade-like kiddie venues.

Does PLAY maintain a Lost and Found? How does that work?

PLAY is not liable for personal property. However, misplacing or forgetting a treasured item happens to us all. (Big and little kids alike!) Heeding that universal truth, PLAY Kids does have a small and casual ‘lost and found’. Whatever lives there is either disposed of or donated at the close of each semester or sooner should there be an overflow. Missing a glove? Toy? Sippy? Snack container? Book? Ask the front desk staff - we’ll cross our collective fingers and root around in hopes of facilitating a L&F reunion..

Do you offer PLAY Gift Cards?

Yes, we got you covered! Email for more information.

Does PLAY Kids have a pandemic policy?

Yes. PLAY follows all rules, regulations and requirements as well as recommendations of the local, state and federal government for the health and safety of children, students, families and staff. The rules and policies included are very fluid and may be adjusted based on the pandemic and emergency needs of our space and as needed by the State & Federal guidelines. For more information check our Pandemic Handbook:

Do you have to wear a face mask?

Yes. PLAY requires adults to wear face masks and observe social distancing. For children up to 4 years old wearing a face mask is optional.

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