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A Short Guide to Getting Your Attic Ready for the Summer

A Short Guide to Getting Your Attic Ready for the Summer

With summer newly begun, we find ourselves surrounded by warmer weather and beautiful greenery. Even though summer is the prime time to go outside and soak up the sun, Americans still spend the majority of their time indoors—90%, to be exact.  When it becomes too hot outside, we escape to the sanctuary of our own home, with the air conditioning programmed exactly how we like it.

However, some parts of our home don’t get the same cool air treatment that the rest of it does. Areas such as your attic, which are shut off from the rest of the house, retain heat and moisture. This makes the space extremely uncomfortable. For those who use their attic, you want it to be a pleasant experience. To help you accomplish this, we’ve outlined a couple of tips on how to get your attic ready for the summer.


Sometimes, you may find yourself sitting inside with the AC on blast, yet you still can’t stop yourself from sweating. You now have to waste energy and rack up your electricity bill to no avail. The solution, however, may lie in your attic. Proper insulation is the key to cooling down your home as it both traps the cold air inside and prevents the sun’s heat from sneaking in. Properly insulating your attic will go a long way in keeping your entire house cool and will help save energy.

Check for Leaks

What’s worse than a hot attic? A hot attic with mold. Once summer rolls around, take the time to check the roof and any pipes for leaks that can cause a buildup of condensation in your attic. This moisture is an open invitation for mold growth, and it can breed quickly, causing health concerns and a need for attic mold remediation. Tend to any leaks and check for mold before moving forward with any additional projects in your attic.

Evict All Critters

Mice, bats, water bugs—none of them pay the rent, and we’re pretty sure that these creatures don’t qualify for squatter’s rights. Ensure that there aren’t any unwelcome critters living in your attic as they can leave droppings and chew on your wood, insulation, and any electrical wires. We don’t need to tell you that this is a less than ideal situation and you should get them taken care of as soon as possible. Hire a professional terminator to come by a few times until they give the all-clear.


How Can We Help?

Minimum attic access opening size is 22 inches by 22 inches. Minimum 4/12 roof pitch for adequate space to access the mold and use equipment.


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